Local Plan for the Broads

The Local Plan guides development and land use in the special Broads environment.

Its purpose is to make sure any new development is of high quality and appropriately located in the unique Broads landscape.

Current Local Plan for the Broads

The Local Plan for the Broads was adopted by the Broads Authority on 17 May 2019. See our Current Local Plan for the Broads page for more information.

Local Plan for the Broads – review

The Broads Authority are reviewing the Local Plan for the Broads. Whilst we do this, the policies in the current Local Plan for the Broads are still in place. See our Local Plan for the Broads Review page for more information.

Other supporting documents

A range of supporting documents and evidence inform and supplement the Broads Local Plan. These include design guides, joint position statements with key stakeholders and the Flood Risk Supplementary Planning Document.

County council documents

The following documents from Norfolk and Suffolk county councils form part of the current Broads Local Plan.

  • Saved policies from the Norfolk Structure Plan and the Suffolk Structure Plan
  • The Norfolk Minerals and Waste Development Plan
  • The Suffolk Minerals and Waste Development Plan

Neighbourhood Plans

Several parishes or town councils in the Broads are developing neighbourhood plans, going out to consultation or have had neighbourhood areas approved. You can find further details about these applications on our Neighbourhood Planning page. You can also see which Parishes or areas have produced or are producing Neighbourhood Plans on our Neighbourhood Plan map.

Statement of Community Involvement

The Statement of Community Involvement sets out how we intend to involve local communities and other stakeholders in the production of our Local Plan, as well as in determining planning applications and in producing the Broads Plan.

The current Statement of Community Involvement was adopted by the Broads Authority on 24 July 2020.

Duty to Cooperate

The Localism Act 2011 imposes upon local planning authorities and others a ‘duty to cooperate’ on strategic planning matters (i.e. those that affect more than one planning authority area). The Duty requires that a Local Planning Authority engages constructively, actively and on an on-going basis with relevant or prescribed bodies in order to maximise the effectiveness of development plan preparation and strategic matters.

The Broads Authority undertakes this duty in a number of ways. This is the most recent Duty to Cooperate Statement.

More information about the Norfolk Strategic Planning Member Forum can be found on the Norfolk County Council website.

Old and superseded documents

The Local Plan for the Broads replaces these documents. They are included on the website for reference only and are not in place when determining planning applications. All these documents have been superseded.