Waste facilities

The Broads is a very special area with national park status and boasting more than a quarter of the UK's rarest wildlife.

To help keep it special we ask that boaters and other visitors follow our guidance on waste below:

litter on boardwalk

  • Please dispose of waste responsibly and recycle whenever possible, using designated recycling points.
  • Only put waste into designated bins and avoid leaving waste piled up in or next to collection areas (this may constitute fly-tipping which carries a hefty punishment).
  • Do not let toilet waste enter the water or the environment, making sure to pay for a proper pump-out at a boatyard or Yacht Station.
  • Avoid placing your boating waste into privately-owned bins, for example the bins at someone's property or at a pub/restaurant.
  • Non-edible oils and fuels such as petrol and diesel are classed as hazardous waste. They should be disposed of by hazardous waste firms, or by Council recycling centres. Find more information about disposing of Diesel, petrol, brake and anti-freeze fluid on the Recycle Now website.
  • Under no circumstances should hazardous or toilet waste be disposed of by pouring down drains, into water courses or on land to soak away.
  • Read our map of waste and recycling facilities in the Broads and remember to use them on your travels!

We also have an additional list of waste facilities available at boatyards and other locations in the Broads.

We are proud supporters of the Norfolk SCRAP fly-tipping initiative, which aims to highlight the impacts and consequences that the blight of fly-tipping has on our landscape and reduce the number of offences.

Enjoy your visit and help to keep the Broads special.