For Peat’s Sake

Run your own peatland investigative fieldwork course with our ‘For Peat’s Sake’ teaching resource.


The resources have been designed for use with Post 16 courses including practical data collection in the field, sustainability, climate change, water quality and habitat surveys.

Examples of courses where the resource could be relevant include include A Level Environmental Science, A Level Biology, A Level Geography, BTEC Environmental Sustainability and more.


Fieldwork is a great way to understand peatland ecosystems through first-hand experience.

Practical data collection in peatlands can be carried out to fulfil the requirements for fieldwork methodology within your chosen specification and data collected can be used for both graphical and statistical analysis.


You can download copies of the resources below:

  1. Guidance notes (DOCX)
  2. Supporting Diagrams (PDF)
  3. Information and experiments (DOCX)
  4. Data recording sheets (DOCX)

We aim to add some supplementary resources to the above list in the near future.

Learning outdoors

Whether you are running the fieldwork yourself or with the help of the Broads Authority you must ensure that you and your students are working safely at all times, and in line with your organisation’s guidance and rules. Best practice advice can be found on the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom website. The RGS has a free to use fieldwork planning toolkit that will guide you through all stages of planning a fieldtrip with your group, and further guidance can be found on the Department of Education website.

Peatlands within the Broads are some of our most beautiful landscapes but also some of our most remote, wet, and ecologically sensitive.

You should always check with the landowner before carrying out fieldwork with your group, they may be able to give you helpful advice and be a source of local knowledge that will add to your students’ experience. For help finding suitable fieldwork sites please contact the Broads Authority through our website.

Assistance from the Broads Authority Education Team

This resource is designed to help you organise and run your own fieldtrip, but you might wish to make use of the Broads Authority Education Team who can run the course with you. Contact us through our website for more information.