Climate change

The easterly, low-lying and coastal nature of the Broads landscape makes it particularly vulnerable to the predicted impacts of climate change and sea level rise, including coastal and river flooding.

Breydon Water

We need to plan now for the changes ahead, such as wetter winters, drier and hotter summers, and more frequent extreme events like storms and heavy rainfall, to lessen negative  impacts and make the best use of positive opportunities.

Broads Climate Adaptation Plan

The Broads Climate Adaptation Plan and a shorter Summary Plan were submitted to Government in February 2016 as part of the UK's National Adaptation Plan. The plan looks at ‘climate smart’ planning, action and good practice, and includes an initial assessment of managing flood risk. 

To help plan for adaptation in a cohesive way a Broads Climate Partnership has been formed (formerly the Broads Climate Change Adaptation Panel). This enables key bodies to look at the high level issues together and agree ways of making progress. The Partnership is chaired by UEA’s Professor Kerry Turner and meets when needed. The current notes from the meetings can be accessed below. (Former Adaptation Panel notes are available on request).

Managing flood risk

The threat of coastal and fluvial (river) flooding is a major issue for the Broads and the surrounding area including the East Norfolk coast, Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft. Apart from the danger to lives and property, saltwater flooding could alter the precious and protected freshwater habitats and habitats of the Broads beyond recognition.  

In mid 2016, a Flood Management High Level Review was carried out as a starting point for discussion with decision makers and local interests on how we should manage this risk in the longer term. For more details, visit Strategy and research: Flood Management High Level Review (2016)

Broads Community

Broads ºCommunity is a discussion forum to encourage local communities and decision makers to share information, issues and ideas about responding to the impacts of climate change, including flood risk management along the Norfolk and Suffolk coast.

Visit the Broads ºCommunity page to find out more.