CanoeingTolls are needed for any vessels (including canoes, kayaks and SUPs) that are kept or used within the Broads Authority's navigation area or adjacent waters.

They must have:

Charges are based on square metre area and go up as the area increases. The amount they increase by depends on the different type of craft.

Boat owners who are already registered with us can set up an online account and pay your toll using tolls online, or alternatively you can pay your toll by calling 01603 756080, by post or in person (our face to face service is currently unavailable during the COVID-19 pandemic). You can find our address, directions and a map on the contact us page.

New boat owners can only pay over the phone once your first craft is registered online and application has been processed.

To register your new craft, please complete the ‘Registration & Payment of Toll’ form.

Please be aware that there is currently a minimum processing time of 5 working days to register new craft. In the interim, you will need to purchase a short visit toll, available at Yacht Stations and many boatyards, the cost of which will then be deducted from your annual toll.

Registration process and data privacy

Every vessel kept in the Broads area for more than 28 days must also be registered with the Broads Authority. Registration is free.

An Application for Registration and Payment of Toll form needs to be completed when transferring a previously registered craft into your ownership as well as for craft that are new to the Broads. We have a privacy notice incorporated within the form itself in relation to the personal information which we collect from you.

For craft being registered with the Authority for the first time you will be issued with adhesive marks for each vessel. These show the Broads registration number which stays with the vessel even if she is sold or otherwise disposed of.

Registration marks must be permanently displayed on the vessel. Please refer to the leaflet Display of Registration Marks.

Once registered, you are able to sign up for tolls online so you can pay your toll and view, renew and manage your personal details online.

Toll payers newsletter - Broad Sheet (Broadsheet)

To keep toll payers updated with the latest Broads Authority navigation news, we produce a publication called Broad Sheet (Broadsheet) every year. Please contact us for older versions or printed copies which are available free of charge.

Broad Sheet cover