Annual toll

Cruiser and mill

Annual tolls are payable on all vessels kept in the navigation area or adjacent waters for more than 28 days in any tolls year.

Charges are based on square metre area and go up as the area increases. The amount they increase by depends on the different type of craft.

To calculate the square metre area of your vessel measure the hull length and the beam in metres to the nearest centimetre then multiply these two measurements. The toll is based on whole square metres so disregard any decimal parts, for example if the vessel is 9.75m2, you will be charged for a 9m2 vessel.

If you apply for an annual toll at any time after 1 April, the toll will still be valid until the end of the following March. There is no reduction in price for this.

Tolls can easily be paid using tolls online, or alternatively by calling 01603 756080, by post or in person. You can find our address, directions and a map on the contact us page.

You can use our online toll checker to see whether a vessel has an active toll.

Annual tolls for 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021

Boat size in square metresa) Motor craftelectric motor craftb) Motorised sailing craft (MSC)c) Sailing craft and electric MSCd) Non-powered houseboats
5 and under£69.90£53.40   -£42.70£27.50
 and for each additional square metre add
Sailboards, paddleboards, rowboats, punts, canoes and kayaks£35.07 

a) A motor craft is a vessel which at any time is propelled by a motor of any kind, including an outboard motor. It includes a houseboat, if fitted with a propulsion engine, and sailing dinghies of less than 6m2 fitted with a propulsion engine.

b) A motorised sailing craft (MSC) is a vessel of 6m2 area or over which is normally propelled by sail but which is also used with a motor. The motor must not be capable of producing more than 10bhp. The sail area must exceed the block area of the vessel. The vessel's sails must be carried in the vessel ready for use at all times.

c) A sailing craft is a vessel normally propelled by sails and not used with any kind of motor, whether outboard or inboard.

d) A non-powered houseboat is a vessel used to provide stationary accommodation afloat, not fitted with a propulsion engine and not used for navigation.