Our projects are specific activities which help realise the overall vision of the Broads.

Woodworking during the restoration of Mutton's Mill

They cover various areas of work including conservation, land and water management, planning, recreation or visitor services.

We often work in partnership with other organisations on different projects to share resources and expertise.
Projects are also often jointly funded with our partners and have grants from other sources as well. They can take place over several months or even years and once completed they need to be maintained and sometimes further developed.

Current projects

Our current projects include bird conservation, climate change, lake restoration and sediment management. You can read more about some of the key projects we are currently involved in by clicking the navigation links on the left-hand side of the screen.

Previous projects

There have been numerous other projects undertaken in the 25 year history of the Broads Authority. Some of our most well-known previous projects include:

  • The Broads Barn Owl Project, boosting barn owl and harrier numbers in the Broads.
  • Projects focusing on conserving and improving the Upper Thurne.
  • The restoration of Ant Broads and Marshes SSSI.
  • Tackling non-native wildlife in the Broads.
  • Creation of the Wherryman's Way – a 35-mile long walk that follows the route of the historic trading wherries along the River Yare between Norwich and Great Yarmouth on footpaths, through open marshes, reed-beds, grazing meadows and riverside villages.
  • Promoting and supporting sustainable tourism through a European partnership scheme.
  • The rejuvenation of the reed and sedge cutting industry.
  • Doubling of the number of charging points throughout the Broads for electric boats.
  • Promote green tourism in the park as part of the STEP project.
  • Developing award-winning innovative and sustainable techniques for managing dredging and sediment as part of the PRISMA project.
  • Enhancing Filby Broad, one of the Trinity Broads, to reduce bank erosion and provide facilities for angling, bird-watching and disabled access.