Do I need permission?

Not all works require a planning application.

If your proposal is not classed as development, it will not need planning permission.

Some operations may not be classed as development, but may require a separate consent if the building is in a conservation area or is a listed building even though they do not require planning permission. The Government has produced useful guidance which explains when planning permission is required and you can always come to us for pre-application advice if you are not sure.

Permitted development rights

Certain minor changes can be made without planning permission. These are called permitted development rights.

Householder developments

The Planning Portal’s interactive house is a useful indication of the kind of alterations and extensions that can be made without planning permission. Please bear in mind however that as part of the national parks family, these rights in the Broads are more restricted. So if you are considering any type of alteration or extension to your home, we recommend you get our advice on whether you need permission.

Business and other developments

There are also rights that allow for some limited extensions and alterations to other buildings as well as changes of use of a building or land, subject to certain criteria.

Understanding how these rights apply can be complex and although some developments may not need an application, many need prior approval for us to check the details before work commences. We recommend you seek our advice if you are considering any type of building work, development or change to the use of a piece of land or building.

What about Lawful Development Certificates?

Lawful Development Certificates confirm that a proposed or existing development is lawful and therefore does not need planning permission. You can find more about Lawful Development Certificates and apply for them via the Government's central Planning Portal.