Breydon Water

Breydon Water is a large expanse of water that opens to the sea through Great Yarmouth Port.

Rivers Yare, Bure and Waveney flow into Breydon which connects the Northern Broads to the Southern. Access to points on the River Yare (to Norwich) and to points on the RIver Waveney (to Oulton Broad and Beccles) requires transit across Breydon Water.

Information about Breydon Water has been compiled as part of the Authority's hydrographic survey of the Broads waterways. They should not be used in place of our detailed information on how to cross safely through Great Yarmouth.

They assume entry onto Breydon Water from Great Yarmouth Yacht Station from the sea, through Haven Bridge.

Breydon Water is tidal and currents can be significant. The Northern Broads can only be accessed under 2 old bridges that do not open or swing and have limited headroom (2.13m air draught at MHW). It is recommended that vessels depart or enter at slack water (approximately 1 hour after low tide at Gt Yarmouth). The advantage for moving through Breydon at this time is the flooding tide.

At the Bure Mouth there is a yellow buoy marking very shallow water. Keep this to starboard as you travel toward the large road bridge carrying the A47 trunk road (Breydon Bridge) and stay between the red and green channel markers (there are very shallow mud flats outside the channel). Pass under the Breydon Bridge (using the right hand narrower channel if a "small boat"; the centre lifting span will open for yachts with tall masts which can be coordinated by calling Breydon Bridge on VHF channel 12). After the bridge, continue onward inside the markers. Stay to the right of the channel.

As you approach the "top" end of Breydon Water the channel splits into the Rivers Yare and Waveney at a fixed jetty type structure called the turn-tide jetty. Continue following the markers to starboard for the river Yare, or port for the Waveney. There is private mooring on the right hand bank just past the Berney Arms pub and  a small Broads Authority 24 hour mooring further on.

On the Waveney there are private moorings available at the Fishermans Inn and also on the left hand side just past Burgh Castle Marina. Note that currents can still be strong. Although not as strong as in Great Yarmouth the tidal range must be accommodated with longer mooring ropes.