Permissions and notices

It is your responsibility to ensure you have the right permissions and consents before beginning work to make changes to or install a mooring but advice on what you require is easily available.

Typical consents


Waterside development, including new and replacement works, usually requires planning permission. The Broads Authority is the local planning authority for the Broads. We have policies specifically relating to moorings which can be found on the Broads Authority’s website or you can contact us for free advice.

Works Licence

A licence will be necessary for the design and timing of installation of work which affects a publicly navigable stretch of river. The Broads Authority is responsible for issuing the Works Licence. Full details can be found on the Authority’s website.

Environment Agency

Prior written consent of the Environment Agency is required for any proposed works or structures in, under, over or within nine metres of a main river or a flood/sea defence. Depending on the length and type of works proposed a water framework assessment may be needed. Full details and how to contact the agency can be found on the relevant section of the Government website.


You will need permission from the landowner of the riverbed over which your proposed mooring will be installed. You can find this information from the Land Registry.

Marine Management Organisation

You may need a marine licence from the Marine Management Organisation for carrying out any works related to your mooring, including dredging or depositing. There are certain exempted activities and more information on this and how to apply for a licence can be found on the relevant section of the Government website.

Notice to Mariners

If any machinery work or the scheme itself significantly affects navigation, the Broads Authority may need to let boat users know. This involves a public notice placed in a local newspaper at least 35 days in advance of work. This will be at your cost but is administered by us. You can find full details on our website.


You may need insurance for your mooring. Your insurance provider may also have some requirements relating to the mooring design. Please contact your provider to find out more.