Policy PODIL 1: Dilham Marina (Tyler’s Cut Moorings)

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  1. The continued use of this area for mooring of boats and uses incidental to that activity will be supported, and the semi-natural quality of the area retained.
  2. The defined area will be kept generally free of buildings and above ground structures.
  3. Provision of unobtrusive moorings, steps, ramps, and small-scale storage lockers, for use incidental to the enjoyment of the moorings, may be permitted, subject to design and location.
  4. Residential moorings will not be permitted, as per locational criteria set out in the residential moorings policy PODM45.
  5. The dark skies of the area will be protected in line with policy PODM27.
  6. A predominantly green and semi-natural appearance of the area will be retained. The management and renewal of trees and other planting will be supported in a way which gives due regard to navigation and facilitates security and the enjoyment of the moorings, while also supporting wildlife and enhancing the landscape and visual amenity of the area.
  7. The permanent or seasonal occupation of the land, vehicles, boats, etc., or the long-term stationing of caravans, will not be permitted.

Constraints and features

  • Flood risk (site partly in zone 2, and indicative 3b by SFRA 2017 mapping).
  • The area is close upstream from SSSI, SAC, SPA, and Ramsar site.
  • Dark sky zone 2.

Reasoned Justification

This policy is intended to retain the existing positive qualities and facilities of the area and harmonise its policy treatment with similar mooring areas across the Broads. While it provides valuable mooring facilities, there is a perceived need to control ancillary development, and this is best achieved by applying a similar policy to those for other mooring areas in the Broads, but with specific reference to the importance of the semi-natural quality of this area.

The site is at risk of flooding, but the Environment Agency supports both the current use and restriction on permanent and seasonal occupation.

Applicants are directed to the Authority’s adopted Mooring Design Guidance[163] .

Reasonable alternative options

No policy

Original policy

Sustainability appraisal summary

The following is a summary of the assessment of the policy and alternative(s).

A: No policy: 0 positives. 0 negatives. 2 ?

B: Preferred Option: 2 positives. 0 negatives. 0 ? Overall, positive.

C: Original policy: 1 positives. 0 negatives. 0 ? Overall, positive.

How has the existing policy been used since adoption in May 2019?

According to recent Annual Monitoring Reports, the policy has not been used.

Why has the alternative option been discounted?

The cross reference to dark skies and residential moorings policies are favoured to help guide what can happen at this site.