Implementation, monitoring and review


This section discusses how the strategy in this Local Plan will be implemented, monitored and reviewed.

Implementation and delivery

A number of organisations will be responsible for the delivery and implementation of different policies in the Local Plan. The monitoring and implementation framework can be found at Appendix 14.

Monitoring the Local Plan

The individual policies have monitoring indicators, set out at Appendix 14. Where there is an obvious quantifiable output to monitor, the indicator reflects this (for example, applications approved contrary to Environment Agency advice, or number of dwelling permitted or developed). Such an approach to other policies is less easy. As such, the Authority has produced a simple questionnaire for its Development Management Officers to use when completing a decision notice. This questionnaire asks which policies have been used to help determine the application, and to what level of conformity the application and decision has been made – in other words, whether the decision and application are in full conformity with policy, part conformity or contrary.

Reviewing the Broads Local Plan

The Authority will assess the use of each policy through the monitoring indicators on an annual basis, to help us understand how the policies are being used and to what effect. The Local Plan will be reviewed in line with national policy, which at the time of writing, was five years after adoption.