River Chet

The Chet is the smallest of the six rivers on the Broads, navigable for 5.5km (3.5 miles).

The River Chet - Close to Hardley Cross,a distinctive structure that marks the furthest extent of the old boundaries of the boroughs of Norwich and Great Yarmouth, is the entrance to the River Chet which extends three and a half miles to Chedgrave and Loddon. We have also produced more detailed maps showing the River Chet downstream from Hardley Flood and Upstream from Hardley Flood.

The river is tidal and narrow with tight bends and can be challenging for larger boats – please refer to vessel dimension byelaws. Boats should keep well clear of the banks. Please note that in the Pye’s Mill area, there is a natural sand and gravel area in the river bed which at some states of the tide is shallower than the stated 1.5 m Waterways Specification navigable depth for this reach. As this feature is part of the natural river form, capital dredging to remove the feature is not part of the current Sediment Management Strategy. Please see the more detailed map showing the location of this shallow area as you pass Pye’s Mill.

A 4 mph speed limit extends to Chedgrave, after which it is reduced to 3 mph past a number of boatyards. At Loddon Basin there is a turning area. Only formal moorings should be used and boats must avoid mooring anywhere else due to the narrowness of the channel.