Water conservation reports

Broads water quality - summary reports

These reports describe the state of the waterways and compare them to where they need to be for ecological health. As well as providing fascinating insights into water quality, the reports list the actions that we need to put in place to make the ecology of our waterways better. Interesting and new information on underwater life including fish and water plants is included.

The Thurne report was produced by the Environment Agency, working with the Broads Authority and members of the Upper Thurne Working Group.

Further reports on the other rivers in the Broads, such as the Bure, Ant and Yare, will be completed early in 2017.

River Thurne report

Lake restoration

Lake review - Main report

Lake review - Summary

Hickling Lake Review

Horsey Mere Lake Review

Hoveton Great Lake Review

Please contact us for other for site by site case histories other broads.

Ecological status and Lake management activity in the Broads
(pdf 1691kb)

Lake Restoration Strategy
(pdf 1718kb)

Annual water plant monitoring reports

Water Plant Report 2008
Water Plant Report 2009

Water Plant Report 2010
Water Plant Report 2012
Water Plant Report 2013

Water Plant Report 2014
Water Plant Report 2015
Water Plant Report 2016
Water Plant Report 2017
Water Plant Report 2018

Trinity Broads

Trinity Broads Management Plan

Further information is on the Trinity Broads project page

Barton Broad

Barton Broad Management Plan
Barton Broad Management Plan summary

Zebra mussel survey of Barton Broad

Further information can be found on the Barton Broad project page.

Upper Thurne

Upper Thurne Waterspace Management Plan (2006) and maps
Upper Thurne Waterspace Management Plan (2012) update and map
Research in the Upper Thurne
Upper Thurne Recommendations for Management

Further details can be found at the Upper Thurne project page.

Broadland Catchment Partnership

Broadland Catchment Partnership reports

Sediment Management Strategy

1 Introduction(pdf 92kb)
2 Principles for sediment management (pdf 97kb)
3 Baseline data (pdf 271kb)
4 Waterway specifications (pdf 275kb)
5 Condition assessment (pdf 56kb)
6 Investment scenarios (pdf 65kb)
7 Management control options (pdf 132kb)
8 Dredging decision making framework (pdf 70kb)
9 Appendices (pdf 406kb)
10 References (pdf 30kb)