Brand guidelines

The Broads National Park brand was developed in partnership with Visit the Broads to give the area a consistent, clear and recognisable visual identity which would benefit the tourism industry.

The Broads National Park brand guidelines to accompany the Broads National Park logo are for use by anyone producing materials carrying the Broads brand and are designed to be practical and useful. They are arranged in sections, which deal with the key elements of the visual identity and its application:

  • the logo or brand mark (if you require the logo in a different size or format please contact us)
  • colours
  • language

The final section includes examples of themed messages and text you may like to use for your own marketing purposes. You are welcome to use all elements of this toolkit free of charge on any publication or website without infringing copyright.

You must not sell the supplied photographs or share them. Please read the guidelines carefully, and apply them consistently.

Using the Broads Authority logo

The Broads Authority logo should not be copied or used in either digital or printed materials without the explicit prior consent of the Broads Authority Communications Team.

If you have an enquiry regarding using the Broads Authority logo please contact us.

Brand imagery

Images used to support the Broads brand should be simple, uncluttered and focused on one main subject. Collages, heavy image manipulation and landscapes with washed-out skies should all be avoided. A number of suitable royalty-free images are available in our photo gallery for you to use free of charge. Please credit: Broads Authority.