Byelaws and speed limits


The Broads Authority has certain byelaws enforceable within the Broads navigation area.

These Navigation Byelaws are in force throughout the Broads Authority navigation area and are the principal code of navigational conduct in the Broads. They are based on the International Rules for Preventing Collisions at Sea with amendments which reflect conditions of Broads navigation. 

The byelaws also contain measures relating to public moorings, obstructions, navigation by minors, conduct following an incident, navigating under the influence, firearms and weapons in the navigation area, and safe speed and navigating with care.

Speed limits

Speed enforcementSpeed limits are in force throughout the Broads. The limits are 3, 4, 5, or 6 mph, clearly signed on riverbanks and are in statute miles per hour measured 'over the ground'. 

The Speed Limit Byelaws 1992 booklet, as well as detailing speed limits, areas and their application, also contains information on waterskiing, coaching vessels, boatyard vessels, and wash speed restrictions.

The byelaws were made by the Broads Authority under Section 10(3) and Section 10(5) and paragraph 4 of Schedule 5 of the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads Act 1988. The Speed Limit Byelaws came into operation on 1 November 1992.

Some sections of the byelaws have been amended by the Broads Authority Act 2009 and the two should be read together.