Water skiing

Water skiing and wakeboarding are increasingly popular but we have to minimise their impact on the fragile Broads environment.Water skiing

Both sports can therefore only take place in designated zones and permits are issued under specific conditions.

You can check out the full permit conditions here. Details of the zones and the times they can be used are in the water ski and wakeboard map (pdf 290kb) and the water ski and wakeboard zones schedule.

Permits are only for vessels with a block area of no more than 13m2 which have a planing hull, and do not have permanent covered accommodation.

Water skiers and wakeboarders must also be members of the Eastern Rivers Water Ski Club (ERWSC) and British Water Ski and Wakeboard.

A log book must be maintained of all water skiing or wakeboarding activities carried out under the permit and water skiers and wakeboarders must have third party insurance.

In order to obtain a permit, please contact us to request an application pack.

It should be noted that we have a right to refuse a permit, or in certain circumstances, cancel or amend it. In these circumstances there is a right of appeal to our water skiing and wakeboarding appeals panel.

The Eastern Rivers Water Ski Club

The ERWSC is the only recognised water ski club on the Broads. You can help the club by reporting incidents not in line with current bye laws or conditions. Please see our incident reporting page.