Conservation publications and reports

In this section you will find key publications and reports relating to our conservation work.

Below is our register of current research projects and conservation reports relating to biodiversity and carbon reduction. In this section you can also find conservation reports broken down into water and wetland, and our Landscape Character Assessment, Landscape Sensitivity Study and environmental operating procedures which define how we minimise the impact of operations work.

You can find our more information about how we incorporate these reports into our work in the section about looking after the Broads.

Broads Climate Adaptation Plan

Full report



Broads Biodiversity Action Plan Framework coverBroads Biodiversity and Water Strategy (pdf 4631kb)
Broads Biodiversity Action Plan (pdf 2684kb)
Broads Biodiversity Action Plan Framework (pdf 8661kb)
Biodiversity Audit and sensitivity mapping
(pdf 7276kb)
Broads Biodiversity Audit and sensitivity mapping appendix
(pdf 2247kb)
Ant Valley Landscape Biodiversity
(pdf 1105kb)
Species of conservation concern restricted to the Broads (pdf 2123kb)

Carbon reduction

Carbon Audit Reduction Plan (pdf 1493kb)
Carbon Audit Reduction Plan Technical Report (pdf 1686kb)
Positive carbon management of peat soils (pdf 516kb)

Research Register

This document provides an overview of key research and monitoring that has been undertaken or supported by the Broads Authority over the past three to four years.

Research Register 2013 (pdf 1917kb)