LGA Peer Review

In 2017, The Broads Authority chose to have a peer review conducted by the Local Government Association in order to examine our leadership, policies, procedures and governance arrangements.


Peer reviews are described by the Local Government Association (LGA) as “a proven tool for improvement”. It is a process commissioned by an authority and involves a small team spending time at the authority as peers to provide challenge and share learning”. Our peer review team included two members and a Chief Executive from the national park authorities together with a local authority chief executive with experience of national parks and an independent advisor.

The Broads Authority chose to have a peer review in order to examine our leadership, policies, procedures and governance arrangements to ensure they remain fit for purpose given a number of national influences and changes in recent years. Our core values include “striving for excellence” and “being inclusive in our decisions and communications”. The peer review provides us with an honest appraisal from critical friends to help us make improvements.

Thoughts from Jacquie Burgess, Chairman of the Broads Authority

“I am pleased to receive the report from our recent peer review . Since the initial review feedback we have already taken some action.

“One of the key elements confirmed in the report was greater engagement with stakeholders at a sub-regional level, particularly the local authorities and New Anglia (our LEP). John Packman and I have been meeting with Leaders and Chief Executives of our constituent local authorities to improve our relationships and understanding of each others priorities and challenges. We have started reviewing our engagement methods with other Broads stakeholders through our consultation with local partners and members of the Broads Forum.

“I also welcome the suggestion that we should review the Authority’s structure, committees and governance to not only make our processes more efficient but to increase involvement, debate, creativity and challenge within the Authority.

“We welcome the recommendation to secure a commitment from Members and officers to a common purpose. It was obvious to the Peer Review team that we are all passionate about the Broads but we need to channel that energy and passion into a common direction and in a positive way.

“We have set up a meeting for Members and the Management Team to consider the report, the ways in which we can learn from it and of course changes we can make.

“Whilst we should focus our efforts on the ways we can make improvements we must not lose sight of the compliments that are within the report, of which there are many."

You can download a copy of the report here (pdf 284kb).