How we work

Find out how we work at the Broads Authority, including our governance, strategies and plans for the Broads.

Our commitment

The Broads Authority's commitment is to:

  • Be well known and in touch with local people and interested parties
  • Be respected for its innovative research and projects
  • Have a close working relationship between a team of informed members and a dedicated staff with clear goals who enjoy working for the Authority
  • Have an efficient and effective operation that makes good use of public money
  • Have sufficient resources to make the big impact on the Broads that is required to fulfil the Authority's statutory functions and meet its ambitious objectives
  • Demonstrate sustainable practices.

Our corporate governance

Corporate governance is the culture, values and processes government bodies operate to make sure they are doing the right things in the right way.

Click on the links to view our Code of Corporate Governance and our Annual Governance Statement.

In 2017 we chose to have a Peer Review conducted by the Local Government Association.

Broads Plan

Our vision and objectives for the Broads are set out in the Broads Plan, guiding strategies and the Broads Local Plan. Visit the strategy page to see more.

Annual Report

We produce an annual report every financial year that summarises our and our partners' progress towards our goals and objectives, outlines our financial position and provides an update on our organisational structure. You can view the two most recent versions below:

Annual report 2016/2017 cover

Business Plan

Our Annual Business Plan gives an overview of our work priorities for the coming year. It is a link between the Broads Plan, which sets the high level partnership strategy for the Broads National Park, and the Authority’s Directorate work plans. You can view the two most recent versions below:

business plan 2019-2020 cover

Finance reports

Budgets, annual accounts and other finance reports can be found in our spending section.