Our National Park Authority assessment

This assessment looked at how we deliver our strategic objectives and what changes could be made to improve service delivery.

The National Park Authorities (NPAs) and the Broads Authority differ from other parts of local government in that they are established under separate legislation and the performance of the Broads Authority has to be seen in the context of the national parks family.

Defra needs to satisfy itself that the NPAs and the Broads Authority are performing well and provide value for money for the public. It is critical that good performance in any particular area is highlighted and disseminated throughout the national park family. 

The Broads Authority's performance assessment review was undertaken on 22 – 25 November 2011 by a Peer Review Group with over 100 different stakeholders.  The Broads Authority undertook a Self Assessment of performance in advance.  The Final Report provided by the Peer Review Group provides the findings. As part of the process, the Broads Authority generated an Improvement Plan to address findings within the Final Report.

Self Assessment (word document) [161kb]

Final Report (word document) [239kb]

Improvement Plan (word document) [45kb]