Work experience

Work experience pupil

Work experience is highly valued by many prospective employers, including the Broads Authority.

We have strong links with schools and colleges through our Broads Curriculum and regard work placements as part of our community partnership work.

We aim to enable students to:

  • Learn and apply new skills
  • Interact with adults in the workplace
  • Find out about career options
  • Have a positive introduction to the world of work
  • Build confidence.

We benefit by:

  • Increasing students' understanding of the special qualities of the Broads and our work
  • Developing our links with local communities
  • Increasing the future applicant pool for jobs
  • Exchanging knowledge, understanding and ideas.

Work experience students do not automatically become volunteers at the end of their placement. If they wish to continue coming out with us following their placement, they can consider applying to be a volunteer.

We offer work experience placements for both Easton College and secondary school students. Students may be placed with maintenance teams to work on sites across the Broads or with other departments of the Authority.

High school and sixth form students

We welcome students aged 14 to 18 for placements lasting between one and two weeks.

Please contact us by email at for an application form.

Forms should be completed by the student and returned either by email or by post.

Work placement applications for 2020 have now closed.

Easton College students

If you are considering the Broads Authority for your work placement as part of your Easton College course please apply as soon as possible.

Places are limited and it takes a minimum of 3 weeks to process a student’s application, arrange and run an Assessment Day and receive the required reference.

Easton College students are offered a work experience placement for one day a week, September through to June.
A second year placement is not automatically guaranteed.

Students need to provide their own drinks, packed lunches and appropriate clothing including waterproof jacket and trousers and steel toe-cap safety footwear with mid-sole plates (CE EN20345 or BS EN345). 

Students will need to be able to make their own way to a range of locations throughout the northern and southern Broads for 8:00am.

Email putting Easton WEP in the subject line to get further information about how to apply. You may be selected to take part in an assessment day and if successful will be placed on probation for six weeks. After this time the placement will be reviewed to see if both you and your supervisors are happy to continue.

Easton College work placement applications for 2019 have now closed. The deadline for 2020 Easton College work placements is 30 June 2020.