Diamond Emblem 1 report published by Marine Accident Investigation Branch

Today (5 May 2022) the Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) has published its final report into the fatal incident involving the vessel Diamond Emblem 1.

On 19 August 2020, a member of a family group on board the motor cruiser Diamond Emblem 1 fell overboard from the aft deck when the boat’s stern made hard contact against the embankment wall opposite the Great Yarmouth Yacht Station. She became entangled in rope and the propeller, suffering multiple injuries that resulted in her drowning.

To read the report please see:

Broads Authority Chief Executive, John Packman said:

“Our thoughts are very much with the family of Laura Perry and also with our staff, who were first on the scene of this tragedy.

"These terrible events are a rarity on our waterways and although any activity on or near waters requires care and caution, the Broads remains a calm and enjoyable place to experience boating, wildlife and quieter pace of life.

"The Broads Authority has assisted the Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) with their investigation and welcome the report and its contents.

"The Authority also welcomes the MAIB recommendations provided to the Code for the Design, Construction and Operation of Hire Boats (Version 2: April 2021), also known as the Hire Boat Code, which brings improvements to key aspects of the code.

"From 1 April, the code became mandatory on Broads Authority executive waters and includes tighter rules around the ‘hand-over’ of hire vessels and improved ‘in-water trails’ now required for all hired craft, including day boats.

"Following the incident on Diamond Emblem 1, the Authority reviewed its safety management processes and made a number of changes to further improve the safety management of the waterways. These included employing more Rangers to patrol during the summer season, a full-time Compliance and Safety Ranger, we developed animated videos to better equip visitors in advance of their arrival to the National Park. We also increased the number of safety events where partnering organisations (Coastguard, RNLI & Broadsbeat) join with the Broads Authority Rangers and engage with the boating public on a range of safety topics such as speed, wearing of buoyancy aids, hazardous boat inspections and boat handling.

"Safety on the water is an area where continuous improvements can significantly enhance visitor and residents’ enjoyment, we hope that the improvements being implemented following this tragedy will help drive safety standards to an even higher level.”

Thursday 5 May 2022