Successful prosecution of speeding boater

On Tuesday 11 February the Authority has successfully prosecuted a boater for navigating his vessel without proper care and caution.

Mr Paul Harrison (54) was convicted of failing to navigate his vessel Cocktails + Dreams with proper care and caution following an incident on the River Yare in July 2019 and was ordered by the court to pay fees and fines totalling over £900.

Furthermore, following a separate incident on the same river in June 2019, another boater was summoned to appear at Norwich Magistrates’ Court on the same date. Having failed to appear in person, the boater denied the allegations (in writing) concerning the charges of navigating his vessel without care and caution and failing to use a masthead light, and so a trial has been set for 27 April 2020.

Of the prosecution a Broads Authority spokesperson said,

“We want to ensure that the Broads continues to be a safe place for everyone to enjoy and so we are pleased that the July 2019 incident on the River Yare has been taken seriously and that the Court has taken appropriate action

The Authority is committed to prosecuting those who put the Broads and its users at risk. Not only does this behaviour cause distress to people enjoying the Broads, it is also a real danger to wildlife and has the potential to cause serious damage and injury."

“We continue to urge anyone who witnesses boats that are speeding or being driven carelessly to note details such as the boat name or registration, take photos or videos if they can, and report the incident to Broads Control on 01603 756056 or by emailing

Further updates on prosecutions will be provided as and when possible.

Thursday 20 February 2020