The adopted Brundall Neighbourhood Development Plan has been produced by Brundall Parish Council in consultation with residents, businesses, landowners, developers and other stakeholders.

The Broads Authority and Broadland District Council have both adopted the Brundall Neighbourhood Plan which is now a material consideration in determining planning applications.
In addition to the overall vision the proposed plan contains policies that seek to address specific local issues and help shape the way Brundall grows in the future. A number of the policies relate directly to comments and concerns raised by local residents.


Brundall Parish Council submitted its proposed Neighbourhood Development Plan to Broadland District Council in March 2014.

In accordance with the amended Town and Country Planning Act 1990, Broadland District Council has made an initial assessment of the Neighbourhood Plan and the supporting documents and is satisfied that these comply with the specified criteria.

The Plan was then published for a period of six weeks and representations invited from members of the public and other consultation bodies. This period finished on 3 August 2015 and, subsequently, representations received were sent (along with the Plan and supporting documents) to an independent examiner.

The examiner conducted their examination based on written evidence, the report concludes that the plan meets the basic conditions and that it should proceed to a referendum in Brundall.

Broadland District Council and the Broads Authority considered the recommendations of the examiner and agreed with their proposed modifications of the Neighbourhood Plan.

The Neighbourhood Plan proceeded to a referendum on 11 March 2016. Declaration of the result of the Referendum.