We have 21 members from diverse backgrounds who represent the public's interests in the Broads.

Bill Dickson headshot

They are appointed by local councils, the Secretary of State for the Environment and two members are appointed by the Authority itself from the eight co-opted members of the Navigation Committee.

Find out more about our Broads Authority and Navigation co-opted members on the meet our members page.

Our Appointments table provides more details of where our members are drawn from.

Members may belong to one or more of the Authority's committees.

Member appointments to committees and other bodies 2021/22.

The aim of our small committee structure is:

  • To provide a streamlined, efficient and quick decision-making process
  • To enable members to be involved in, and well informed on, all aspects of the Authority's work
  • To ensure members' accountability.
  • A Member Development Strategy has been devised to outline the skills and knowledge that a member will need to acquire to carry out their role effectively.

Allowances are paid to members in recognition of the time they devote to Broads Authority duties. You can find out more about allowances paid to members on our Constitutional documents page.

Further information for members can be found in the Members' Handbook.