November 2019 update

  • The Environment Agency have advised that we are to use flood zone 2 and 3 layers that they provide but continue to use 3b (indicative and modelled) as set out in the SFRAs.
  • You are advised to check the SFRA maps via the links below as well as the Environment Agency Flood Map for Planning at
  • Please contact the Broads Authority if you have any questions.

Important note regarding the SFRA maps:

It is important to recognise that SFRAs are high-level strategic documents and, as such, do not go into detail on an individual site-specific basis.

The SFRA has been developed using the best available information at the time of preparation (during 2017), taking into account the latest flood risk data and the current state of national planning policy.

The maps should only be used as indicative guidance for planning applications. Applications may still need a site-specific flood risk assessment.

The GeoPDFs can be used to perform high-level screening exercises, to identify whether a location or site has a potential risk of flooding. The GeoPDFs show flood extent information and do not show flood levels, depths, velocities or hazard to people information.

The Environment Agency regularly reviews their hydrology, hydraulic modelling and flood risk mapping, and it is important that they are approached to determine whether updated (more accurate) information is available prior to commencing a site-specific FRA.

Not all areas have been modelled. In the absence of detailed hydraulic model information, a precautionary approach has been adopted with the assumption that the extent of Flood Zone 3b would be equal to Flood Zone 3a. In the Appendix A mapping of all sources of flood risk, this precautionary approach is represented as a separate layer and is termed ‘indicative extent of Flood Zone 3b’. If a proposed development is shown to be in Flood Zone 3, further investigation should be undertaken as part of a detailed site-specific Flood Risk Assessment to define and confirm the extent of Flood Zone 3b. This may require detailed hydraulic modelling.

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

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Mapping Supporting Information:

Appendix D.1 (updated 11 May 2018)

Appendix D.2

Appendix D.3

The Index Maps are for information only, to view a specific area please select the relevant map number from the lists below.

North Norfolk

North Norfolk SFRA Report

Addendum 14 May (this addendum relates to the area of North Norfolk near Wells Next the Sea)

Appendix A: Flood Risk
(Please note: Maps must be downloaded to enable interactivity)
APPENDIX B: Watercourses APPENDIX C: Flood Warning Systems
NN_38IDB Districts, North Norfolk 
NN_40Watercourses, Main Rivers, North NorfolkNN1
NN_41Ordinary Watercourses, North NorfolkNN2
NN_42 NN3

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Waveney District Council SFRA report (level 1)

For information, although not necessarily of direct relevance to the part of Waveney within the Broads, Waveney District Council has produced a SFRA level 2

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