Broads Plan 2022 - 2027

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Chairman's foreword

Welcome to the Broads Plan 2022-27. It is the product of a thorough review and consultation with partners and the public and has in many ways been shaped by the Landscapes Review commissioned by the Government.

Chairman of the Broads Authority, Bill Dickson

The new Plan comes at a time when the Broads faces an acceleration of both existing and new challenges that will impact on all of us who care about this unique and special landscape, whatever our particular interests may be.

While the Broads Plan is published by the Broads Authority it has always been a partnership strategy representing the joint vision of the Authority, our partners and our many stakeholders. It is ambitious - as it should be - and sets bold strategic objectives. Successfully achieving our objectives depends upon a shared commitment and a strong sense of purpose, for we achieve so much more when we work alongside each other. This becomes even more vital when increasing costs, combined with diminishing public spending and private investment, are likely to be a constant feature throughout the five-year period of this Plan.

There is a much greater awareness and urgency of the need to address the impacts of climate change and flood risk, creating opportunities to inspire and support people in acting to protect this special area. As you would expect, nature recovery is at the heart of the Plan, and the importance of managing our navigation is also a key theme.

The COVID-19 pandemic has influenced many areas of our daily lives. It has contributed to the worldwide economic downturn, and on a more personal level has shifted many people’s feelings about the value of nature for health and wellbeing. In the past two years, the Broads and other open spaces have seen significant increases in visitors. Alongside those who have been familiar with this area for many years, we welcome people who may be venturing here – and into the wider family of UK National Parks and other protected landscapes – for the first time.

Producing a plan of this importance is a huge task. On behalf of the Broads Authority, I am extremely grateful to everyone who helped to create the Broads Plan 2022-27. Our Members and officers look forward to working with you all to make it a success.

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