Financial strategy

Our Financial strategy provides an outline of our expected income and the spending plans required to deliver our strategic priorities.

By the end of March every year we set a medium-term (three-year) Financial Strategy which includes a detailed budget for the first year.

Here is our most recent budget (PDF). You can also read the associated committee report containing the full financial strategy and budget (PDF) for more information.

The Financial Strategy also informs the production of the Authority's annual Business Plan.

Financial monitoring

The Broads Authority monitors its finances by way of a Financial Performance and Direction report which is a standing item on the agenda for all Broads Authority meetings. This report provides the latest available financial information to Members of the Authority. The focus of the report is the Authority's projected financial position at the end of the financial year.

Similar monitoring is reported to meetings of the Navigation Committee, in relation to Navigation Expenditure only. After the end of the financial year the Authority produces a report detailing the expenditure on National Park and Navigation activities during the year. These can be found alongside the annual Statement of Accounts.