Constitutional documents

Here you'll find links to constitutional documents.

Code of conduct for members (pdf document)

The Broads Authority maintains a register of members' interests in which the members of the Broads Authority register their interests in accordance with the Broads Authority's Code of Conduct for Members. This Register of Interests is open to public inspection at the Broads Authority's office in Norwich, or you can view this information on the individual member's page. Two Independent Persons (pdf document) have been appointed to the Hearings Committee to deal with any breach of the Code.

Broads Local Access Forum constitution (pdf document)

Committee structure chart (pdf document)

Code of conduct for members on Planning Committee and officers (pdf document)

Guide for Local Authority appointments (pdf document)

Members development protocol (pdf document)

Protocol on member and officer relations in the Broads Authority (pdf document)

Scheme of members allowances (pdf document)

Scheme of members allowances: total sum paid 2019-2020 (pdf document)

Scheme of powers delegated to officers (pdf document)

Arrangements for the exercise of powers by other officers (pdf document)

Social media policy (pdf document)

Standing orders (pdf document)

Standing orders - procedure rules for remote meetings (pdf document)

Terms of reference of committees (pdf document)