Risk, Audit and Governance Committee

The Risk, Audit and Governance Committee (formerly the Audit and Risk Committee) ensures that financial planning risk is managed effectively, and has the following responsibilities:

  • To scrutinise the Authority's accounts and finances to ensure that they are prepared in accordance with accounting policies and good practice.
  • To take a strategic view on whether the resources allocated to the Authority are used effectively and efficiently in pursuit of its authorised purposes and objectives.
  • To obtain assurances from a range of measures and reports that value for money is obtained in the use of these resources, and that risk and performance are actively managed to achieve best results.
  • To have general oversight of the Authority's governance arrangements including dealing with members' concerns regarding governance issues at the Authority.

The committee was re-purposed as the Risk, Audit and Governance Committee in 2023 to reflect revised terms of reference.

Risk, Audit and Governance Committee Meeting dates:

Agendas, reports and minutes

Agendas and reports will be available on this site one week before the meeting.

Background papers

Some reports have background papers. You can arrange to see any background papers from Monday to Friday between 9.00am and 4.30pm. If you would like to arrange this please email via our contact form or call 01603 610734.

Committee members

You can find out more about Broads Authority, Risk, Audit & Governance, Navigation, Planning and Standards Committee members on our committee membership page while here are details of Broads Local Access Forum members.

Committee procedures

You can find documents relating to committee procedures, including the code of conduct for members and information about delegation of powers on our Constitutional documents page.

Asking questions

Our Asking questions at meetings page will tell you about arrangements for members of the public to speak at committee meetings.

Archive papers

The following years are available on line:

The only exceptions are those items which would infringe copyright or would not be dealt with in public for reasons of confidentiality.

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