St. Olaves

Policy POSOL1: Riverside area moorings

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  1. The defined area will be kept generally open and uses limited to the mooring of boats and uses incidental to that activity.
  2. Particular care will be taken to ensure that any development is sensitively designed, landscaped, and, where appropriate, screened from river views.
  3. Provision of appropriately designed unobtrusive facilities (such as access tracks, parking areas, moorings, steps, ramps, and small-scale storage lockers) for use incidental to the enjoyment of the moorings, will be permitted.
  4. The permanent or seasonal occupation of the land, vehicles, boats, etc., or the stationing of caravans, will not be permitted.

Constraints and features

  • Article 4 Direction (1990) – removes wall/gate/enclosure PD Rights.
  • Area at high risk of flooding (zones 2 & 3 by EA mapping; zones 2 and indicative 3b by SFRA 2017 mapping).
  • Area is adjacent / near a number of designated heritage assets including listed buildings and the Halvergate Marshes Conservation Area.
  • Dark skies zone 2.

Reasoned Justification

Management of a potential proliferation of development in this area has been an issue going back some years. The policy continues the approach of the 1997 Local Plan. Applicants are directed to the Authority’s adopted Mooring Design Guidance[172] .

Reasonable alternative options

Considering the history of potential proliferation of development in this area, the alternative option of no policy is not considered reasonable. The amendment is extremely minor, and it is considered to not be an alternative option.

No reasonable alternative options.

Sustainability appraisal summary

The following is a summary of the assessment of the policy and alternative(s).

A: Preferred Option: 4 positives. 0 negatives. 0 ? Overall, positive.

How has the existing policy been used since adoption in May 2019?

According to recent Annual Monitoring Reports, the policy has not been used.

Why have the alternative options been discounted?

No alternative options considered.