The Broads Authority has started the review of the Local Plan for the Broads. This is the second round of consultation and is called the Preferred Options.

There are several reasons why we are reviewing the Local Plan:

  • We commit in the current Local Plan for the Broads Authority to start the review around 18 months after adoption; 18 months after the May 2019 adoption is November 2020. Background work started in-house in November 2020, including project planning.
  • The Local Plan 2019 was produced in line with, and examined against, the 2012 National Policy Planning Framework (NPPF). At around the time the final draft of the Local Plan was being consulted on, submitted and examined, a new version of the NPPF was released. This included transition arrangements for advanced Local Plans, such as that for the Broads, which permitted examination against the ‘old’ 2012 NPPF. It is prudent to now review the Local Plan, noting that the NPPF was updated in 2023.
  • Given that the final drafting of the current Local Plan was at the end of 2017 (submitted early 2018, examined from mid-2018 and adopted May 2019), some of the issues that are addressed in the Local Plan, such as climate change, have moved on. Again, it is prudent to start to review the Local Plan to ensure it is as up to date as possible.

This version of the Local Plan includes draft policies for comment. Most of the policies are already included in the currently adopted Local Plan, albeit with some amendments. Some policies are new. We also talk about potential alternative options to the policies that are drafted. Finally, there is a call for sites for gypsy and traveller sites, residential moorings and residential dwellings.

Various pieces of evidence have been used to inform this Local Plan. The evidence can be found here and includes: